Hello and Welcome to the official website of Ziaki Yarn Tails. 
What is a yarn tail?
A yarn tail is a tail made completely out of yarn that is brushed to look like fur so they are completely cruelty free. They make great guilt free additions to costumes and cosplay. You can get them in an almost endless variety of colors and patterns as they are highly customizable. 
On this site you can order a custom tail of your own design or choose a premade tail from the Etsy Shop. 

Current News For Ziaki Yarn Tails


8 - 14 - 2019

Commission Status: CLOSED


It is with a heavy heart that I must announce the inevitable shut down of Ziakiyarntails. I have not been able to complete my commissions in a timely manner between working a full time job and finding time to spend with family and just enjoy myself. I only see the issue getting worse as my family will be growing by one next spring. It is not fair to my clients to have to wait months for a project that should take at most a couple of weeks, and if I cannot provide quality service than I feel it's better for myself and everyone to just step away. 

If you are still interested in a custom yarn tail I highly urge you to check out Skahlly on Furaffinity

I have considered her a friend and a mentor since I started making yarn tails and her work is absolutely stunning. 

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