Tail Prices


Thin - 3$ per inch

Good for thin feline tails. I can and will make lion tails with a tuft on the end for an additional 5$ (thin width tails only).


Minimum length - 8 inches


Normal - 4$ per inch

Good for standard canine tails or thicker feline tails or pretty much any tail. This is my go to width for most of my tails.


Minimum Length - 10 inches


Thick - 5$ per inch

This width is good for fluffier canine tails and can still be used for fluffy cat tails if it is long enough.


Minimum Length - 12 inches


Extra Thick - 6$ per inch

This size is reserved for the extremists like me that require the floofiest fluffiest tails. Please keep in mind that these larger tails require a higher amount of maintenence. They also tend to be quite heavy. 


Minimum Length - 15 inches

* The chart shows an approximation of what each thickness looks like. Actual thickness may vary slightly.

Choose Your Style

Flat Color

Flat Colors will give your tail a more cartooney appearance. There will be no blending.

Blended / Realistic Colors

You may have your colors blended for a more realistic appearance. Any patterns you want in your tail should be specified in the description and / or references. Please keep in mind that patterns are pretty limited. I can do stripes, mottled, bands. I can do large leopard spots on large tails only. Regular spots are kind of iffy and don't really come out well. 



Choose Your Extras

"Posable" Tails

Posable tails are tails that are crafted with wire built into the base to make your tail able to hold a curl. These tails move less freely but still have a nice bounce to them. Price varies by size and thickness of the tail. 



12 inches or less - 5$

13 - 24 inches - 10$

24+ inches - 15$



12 inches or less - 8$

13 - 24 inches - 13$

24+ inches - 18$



12 inches or less - 15$

13 - 24 inches - 25$


Beads And Charms

Beads are an additional charge at the cost of matierials + 5$


Beads will be chosen based on the given reference if not otherwise specified.


You may choose your own beads as long as you can show me where to buy / order them.



-Feathers are an additional charge of 2$ each.


-When choosing this option please link me to the feather(s) you want where I can purchase them.


-If you don't have a specific feather in mind you may give me a description and I will find the closest thing.


-Please note that adding feathers to your tail will require extra care while brushing.

Shipping Prices

  • Continental U.S. - Small Tail - 8$

  • Continental U.S. - Medium Tail - 12$

  • Continental U.S. - Large or Extra Large - 15$

  • International Shipping Starts at 30$ but maybe more (does not include tracking)


 I ship my tails via USPS. All shipping prices (excluding international) include a tracking number which you will be provided with. If you would like to request a different shipping method you may do so keeping in mind that other shipping methods tend to be more expensive. 


You MAY NOT come to my house to pick up your tail under any circumstances. Any request to do so will be denied. 


You MAY request to pick up your tail at any event that I happen to be attending if I already intend on being there. I regularly attend Youmacon and the Michigan Renaissance Festival.


Payment Instructions

Upon receiving your form I will contact you to either accept or deny your commission request and give you a price breakdown.


Currently I am not requiring a deposit to get on the waitlist (this may change if begin to have issues with people cancelling last minute again). However, once I am ready to begin your tail I will contact you to request a 20% deposit. This deposit is to cover cost of materials and is not refundable.You will have ONE week to respond and submit your deposit. If you fail to do so you will be removed from the list and I will move on to the next person.

Your full balance must be paid in full before your tail is shipped. You may make smaller payments over time if necessary. However. If you go for more than 3 months from the time of completion without making a payment or responding to my attempts to contact you, your order will be canceled and I will put your tail up for sale. You will still not receive a refund on your deposit.


If you do not agree to these terms of payment then do not order a tail from me. There will be no exceptions.


Payments can be made via paypal to ziakiyt@gmail.com or If you are unable to pay via pay pal you may request an alternate payment method. Please let me know before you place your order if this is the case and we will work something out.

Commission Status: CLOSED






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