What brand of yarn do you use?

I get this question at least once a day. I use a brand called I Love This Yarn. It is only available at Hobby Lobby. If you don't have a store near you they do have an online store. I have also at times used Bernat and some varieties of Lionbrand. Your best bet is to stay away from really cheap yarn and experiment with different brands.


What method do you use to make your tails?

I use the sew on method using high quality upholstery thread.  


Will you make a tutorial / teach me how to make a yarn tail?

In short. No. I don't really have time and there are already several tutorials out there.


How long will it take you to finish my tail when you get to my slot?

Depending on how big it is and what my work schedule is like anywhere from 1 - 4  weeks. I will do my best to get your tail done in a timely manner an accomodate any time restrictions you might have. Please know however that I do work a full time job and I do have a lot going on in my own personal life. At this time I am not guaranteeing start or end dates for people on my wait list. Please keep this in mind when commissioning me. 

Is it normal for my tail to shed?

Yes it's normal. This will not hurt your tail. To keep shedding to a minimum make sure to follow the Yarn Tail Maintenance guide. My personal tail sheds like crazy but I've had it for 7 years and it's still as beautiful as the day I finished it. 

Will you ever take seperate mini tail commissions again?

I now have set minimums for each size of tail. Currently the smallest size I offer is 8 inches in thin width. This is a little big for a regular keychain but a good size to hang off a backpack or purse.


Can you do such and such specific shape or design on my tail?

Please realize that I am working with yarn that very much acts like real fur. It's very flowy and very intricate designs /shapes probably won't show up on them even if I wanted to try. I can and will do simpler patterns like tiger stripes, raccoon stripes, mottling, spots, fading, and straight forward blending. I can do large leopard spots on normal, thick, or extra thick tails.


Do you take any other payment method besides paypal?

I will take money orders and concealed cash. Just remember that these methods are a lot slower and I will not begin work on your tail until I have at least your deposit. If I do not have your deposit by the time I am ready to begin work I will move on to the next person and you will be moved down a slot.


What shipping method do you use?

I use the good old United States Postal Service. I usually ship Priority two day with tracking. You may request a different shipping method but you will be asked to pay the difference. 


How do you determine the cost of shipping?

Shipping is now determined on a flat rate scale based on estimated weight. See Commission Info for details and prices.


How will my tail be packaged for shipment? 

If you are ordering a mini or a relatively small tail it's probably going to go in a shipping envelope. Otherwise it will be wrapped in plastic wrap (or freezer bags if it will fit) and shipped in a box. I mostly use plain or white boxes but sometimes I have amazon boxes or other boxes laying around that I will use. No point in wasting them. If I'm reusing a box from something else I'll usually wrap it in brown paper.


Does it cost anything to reserve a slot?

I am not currently requiring a deposit to get put on the waitlist. However if I get to your slot and contact you for your deposit and you do not respond within a few days I will move on to the next person.


I sent you an quote form but you have not added me to the wait list.

 Submitting a quote form does not guarantee you a spot on my wait list. I pick my commissions on case by case basis. It is not always first come first serve. I reserve the right to decline a commission request for any reason.



Do you do trades?

Short Answer: Nope

Long Answer: If you have something I really really want / need. Maybe

For art? Probably not. No offense. 


Currently I am looking into expanding into chainmaille. I MIGHT make a trade for chainmaille supplies. 

For Information regarding the care and maintenance of your tail please refer to the Yarn Tail Maintenance Page




Have a question that isn't answered here? Please feel free to contact me at ziakiyt@gmail.com


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