- this email is my preffered method of communication. I check it several times a day and usually respond within 24 hours. You may contact this email with any questions or concerns you have about anything to do with my tails or yarn tails in general. However please see my FAQ and other pages before submitting questions to make sure I have not answered it already.



My address is given out only on a case by case basis. It will be written on all packages as a return address. And you may request my address for alternative forms of payment such as money order or concealed cash. 


If you need to mail me something please use the name B. Masters for the address line. It confuses the poor mail guy when my stuff is addressed to Ziaki.


If some how you end up with my address by either of these ways or some other way DO NOT show up to my residence for ANY reason. I do not allow people to pick up tails from my house and I DO NOT like uninvited guests. I will not hesitate to notify the authorities if I feel threatened.


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