By ordering a tail from me you agree to the following

1. You have read, understood, and agree to all of the commission information including the payment guidelines and the following disclaimers and terms. 


2. You understand that progress photos of your tail will be available and if there are any changes that need to be made you will notify Ziaki IMMEDIATELY.


3. If for some reason your tail arrives and it's not at all what you expected or wanted you will contact Ziaki immediately. A 50% refund will be issued once the tail has been returned.


4. If you attempt to alter your tail in any way (dyes , airbrushing, addons, mods)  ZYT is not responsible for any damage done to the tail as a result of such alterations.


5. You understand that yarn tails are high maintenance. ZYT is not responsible to damage to the tail as the result of neglect and / or failure to follow the maintenance guidelines. If you have any questions about the maintenance of your tail you may ask. 


6. If there is any damage to the tail such as loose or detached fur bundles, broken or detached accessories you can contact me for repairs at the cost of shipping both ways.

       -ZYT is not responsible for any further damage done to the tail if you try to repair it yourself. 


7. You understand that if you order a posable tail that it must be worn with a belt or harness in order to be posed properly.

        - You  understand that excessive bending of your posable tail may result in the wire breaking or becoming exposed and that the damage is most likely not repairable.


8. All domestic orders are to be delivered with a delivery confirmation / tracking number to be sent to the contact information specified.

          - Orders to be sent outside of the United States will not include a tracking number without upgrade and further shipping charges. 

          - The cost of the delivery confirmation number is included in the shipping charge

          - ZYT is not responsible for any orders lost or stolen in the delivery process. If you have issues with the delivery of your order you are to contact USPS and take it up with them.

          - If delivery fails because you provide the wrong address or any obvious mistakes on your part YOU will be responsible for further shipping charges.

          - If delivery fails due to a mistake on the part of ZYT, ZYT will cover further shipping costs.


9. You are responsible for notifying ZTY of any allergens that may be relevant to the crafting of your tail in the specified box on the order form.

 - Relevant allergens include but are not limited to. . . 



          - if you are allergic to any of the following animals please include it in your form.

                    - Dogs, Cats, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Birds, Chinchillas etc.

- Grass, Pollen, other outdoor allergens.

          Pictures are often taken outdoors for better lighting. If you have any severe out door allergies please include them in your form.


- Metals - All of the rings used for tail attachment are aluminum. You must request an alternative in your order form if you require an alternative. 


-Other - Even if your allergy is not listed here you should still include it in your form if you think it may be relevant.


10. ZYT is not responsible for any allergic reactions if you fail to specify your allergies in the form.


11.You understand that yarn tails can be very high maintenance and the larger the tail is the more maintenance it will need.


12. All ZYT tails are crafted in a smoke free environment.


13. ZYT DOES NOT make tails of any sort for any sort of "adult" activities. Yarn tails are not easily washable and can / will be irreparably damaged by lubricants and / or bodily fluids. ZYT is not responsible for any such damage and will not offer repairs for any such damages. ZYT is also not responsible for and will not offer repairs for any damage caused by attempts to modify your tail for said "adult" activities.







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